digital fils

Bitcoin Cash Simple Ledger Protocol

What are SLP tokens?

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP for short) is a token platform on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Tokens can be used to represent almost anything, from deeds, titles, and stocks to video game items, collectibles, and even votes.

SLP tokens are exceptionally easy to issue, send, receive, and manipulate using Bitcoin script, making them the perfect platform for any token project.


Digital Fils (FILS) is a token that is Mineable, Mintable, Autonomous, and Decentralized virtual assets governed by a smart contract on BCH blockchain. It was designed to be most used in its own network. The Utility creates value, Value creates an ecosystem that respects its basic values and vision.

How can you get involved?

You can join our telegram group for daily airdrops and rewards. Also, you can start mining your Digital Fils, and you can sell it on the and provide liquidity to the pools or , and as soon as our community increases, we will request listing Fils on more exchanges.

It is advisable that someone buy and hold BITCOIN FILS (BTCfils). As you can convert between both BTCfils and Digital fils. Both tokens are essential for our final project and also, It's important to know that BTCfils holders can receive incentive rewards from our final project where BTCfils would work as governance to signal priority on-chain.

The difference between BTCfils and Digital Fils is that FILS is autonomous, decentralized and MINEABLE, whereas BTCfils is minted and hold by BTCfils and Digital Fils creator. Also, BTCfils supply is fixed, only 23 million tokens. And as soon as our community grows, and holders can convert between both tokens, we can ensure that BTCfils are fairly distributed among all holders.

Mining and minting

Proof-of-work SLP tokens mining is an innovative, decentralized way to distribute SLP tokens

Mining reward slowly goes to zero for a long period of time (about 40 years)

Download Mminer from Github

Mining tutorial for Windows and Linux is included in the repository

To mine FILS this requires 0.00001870 BCH / per reward is required

Decentralized minting is another innovative way to distribute SLP tokens

Digital Fils token id

BCH-SLP wallets:

- Electron Cash SLP (BCH, SLP, NFT compatible)

- (BCH, SLP)

- Signup (BCH, SLP, NFT compatible)

- Fullstack (BCH, SLP, NFT compatible)

- Zapit (BCH, SLP, NFT compatible)

- Pokket (BCH, SLP, NFT compatible)





Special thanks to MAZE token creator B_S_Z for his work and support.